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The most advanced sourcing portal the industry has ever seen.
SpeedRFP Network
The Network is a searchable database of 10,000+ hotels worldwide that allows planners to submit SpeedRFPs to multiple properties from a single website.
  • 10,000+ Hotels
  • 72,000+ Planner Members
  • The most advanced search and refine system
  • 100% free to use; no hidden fees or commissions
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What is SpeedRFP Technology?
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One Form For All
SpeedRFP is a cloud-based eRFP management system. It's free for planners, and enables them to load their eRFP information into the system once, and submit that same eRFP info to any SpeedRFP-enabled website around the world, including the SpeedRFP Network. Be sure to look for the SpeedRFP logo on your favorite hotel website.
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