About Web Forms

By creating a web form, you are enabling our system to serve your website its own SpeedRFP web form. All RFPs submitted through that web form will be grouped together and managed in by that web form. You may have more than one web form on a single site. And if you are a Pro customer, you may have more than one property associated with a single web form.

Creating a new Web Form - Step 1 : Name Form

  • Go to the Web Forms tab on SpeedRFP and click Create Web Form
  • Give this web form a name different than any other web forms you may aleady have. eg: "Hotel Name's Wedding Form"
  • Enter the domain of the website where this web form will live.
    Correct:    www.mysite.com
    Correct:    mysite.com
    Incorrect: https://www.mysite.com
    Incorrect: www.mysite.com/path/
    Incorrect: www.mysite.com/path/page.html

Step 2 : Add Hotel

Start typing the name of your hotel. If you are a member of Elite Meetings, then we may already have your hotel in our system. If it is, then it should appear in a list for you to select from.

If your hotel is not in our system, you may add it by clicking the Add as a new hotel link that appears after the input. Fill in the summary
of information about your property, and click Create.

Step 3 : Add Recipients

Recipients will be notified whenever an RFP is submitted through the SpeedRFP system. There are two types of recipients, and they are used together.

Global Recipients
These are people that will receive RFPs for your hotel from any web form in the SpeedRFP system. Your hotel may appear on more than just this web form (eg: the www.elitemeetings.com). If you do not want the global recipients to receive RFPs sent via this web form, you may turn them off.

Web Form Recipients
These are people that will receive RFPs for your hotel from only this web form. It's ok to have the same person as both a global recipient, and a web form recipient (they will only receive one notification).

Recipient Roles
There are three types of roles a recipient can have.
  • Form Manager: This user can edit the form and change recipients. They do not receive RFPs. You are automatically added as a manager when you create the web form.
  • View & Respond: This user will receive RFPs and can respond to them.
  • View Only: This user will receive RFPs and but can only view them. They cannot respond.

Step 4 : Copy Code

There are two ways to embed the SpeedRFP web form into your site:

This options shows a SpeedRFP button that, when clicked, opens the SpeedRFP web form on top of the existing page. We recommend using this method as it provides the best user experience.

This options places the SpeedRFP web form into your actual webpage, as if it were part of the page. Your page should have space at least 800 pixels wide for this option.
Once you have choosen which method to embed your SpeedRFP web form, copy the provided javascript and save it on your page in the location you want the button or web form to appear.

To further customize the SpeedRFP web form, please see our API.

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