Custom Button

You can replace the SpeedRFP button with your own image, or make a text link open the widget.

Step 1

In the initialization javascript, hide the SpeedRFP button with the following command:
options.button = "none";

Step 2

Add an "onclick" handler to any DOM element you want to have clicked to show the SpeedRFP:


The following example makes an image show the SpeedRFP widget.
<img src="/path/to/image.png" onclick="srfp_widget.show()" style="cursor:pointer;" />

This example makes a "fake" link that shows the SpeedRFP widget.
Click <span onclick="srfp_widget.show()" style="text-decoration:underline; cursor:pointer;" />here</span> to submit an RFP.

In fact, you can use srfp_widget.show() anywhere in your javascript to open the SpeedRFP widget.

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