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This page provides step-by-step examples of more advanced techniques to apply SpeedRFP to your website. In particular, we cover the case where you have a checkbox that will feed UIDs to the SpeedRFP widget.

XX94N - A Demo Gold Resort
JB811 - A Demo Property
TXS38 - A Demo Resort
<form id="hotelpicker">

<input type="checkbox" name="hotels" value="XX94N" />XX94N - A Demo Gold Resort
<br /><input type="checkbox" name="hotels" value="JB811" />JB811 - A Demo Property
<br /><input type="checkbox" name="hotels" value="TXS38" />TXS38 - A Demo Resort


The following JavaScript is used:
function getHotelUids()
  var uids = "";
  var form = document.getElementById("hotelpicker");
  for ( i=0; i<form.hotels.length; i++ )
    if ( form.hotels[i].checked )
      if ( !form.hotels[i].value ) continue;	// skip blank uids
      uids = ( uids ) ? uids + "," + form.hotels[i].value : form.hotels[i].value;
  return uids;

The following SpeedRFP options are used:
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
var options = {};
options.display = "overlay";
options.key = "fc959b6624924310"; 

options.populateUid = "getHotelUids";
options.clear_previous = true;

var srfp_widget = new srfp.widget(options);


The checkbox form above has the id "hotels". When the user clicks the SpeedRFP button, it will call getHotelUids(). That function returns a comma-delimited string of the selected UIDs. Something like: "XX94N,JB811"

options.populateUid = "getHotelUids"; This tells SpeedRFP to call that function any time the SpeedRFP window is opened from its native button.

Additional SpeedRFP Options

We set a few options in our SpeedRFP widget.

options.populateUid = "getHotelUids";
The name of a function to run before SpeedRFP is loaded. That function should return a string of comma-delimited list of UIDs.

options.clear_previous = true;
Tells SpeedRFP to clear any previous UIDs already set if a SpeedRFP window was previously opened. Defaults to false.

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